Whether your site is a static brochure, a personal site, a dynamic news portal, or an online store, building the site is only the beginning.

A successful site shares some common components, some of which include value, relevance, timeliness, and clear and concise delivery. And without positioning your site in front of your viewers, you are missing an integral part of the mix. The Internet is an ever-changing medium and your Web site should change and grow to maintain relevance and value for your audience. This is why regular site maintenance is critical to a successful Web presence.

Maintaining and Promoting Your Site

Common goals of successful Web sites include strategies to:

attract new visitors by becoming visible

create interest and evoke trust and credibility

ensure repeat visitors who return because your site is a valuable resource

keep search engines and directories satisfied that your site is important, which means higher rankings when someone looks for your products or services.

Building your visibility online is an ongoing process that involves producing fresh content and features, search engine optimization and marketing your services.

Most companies separate these services and you will pay a separate fee for each of these three areas in the mix. If you have several sites, you will also pay a separate fee for each additional site per area. This can be cost prohibitive for many smaller businesses.

That’s where we are unique.

Each of these areas overlap and are important in reaching your goals . That is why we offer a unique package that combines three services into a single plan. This saves you money.

The more time that you put into your site, the more successful it will be.

Start slow or jump right in. Choose a plan to accommodate your individual requirements and budget.

Your maintenance plans can include any of the options below. Obviously, these services are dictated by time, so we start with basic site maintenance. Any extra time is spent on other items in the mix. We can select the items in order of importance or you can specify which items you prefer to concentrate on. Add additional hours to your plan at any time, as needed.

Choose your maintenance plan:


Single site
Up to two hours per month for 99/month*
Additional work at $50/hour*


First site
Up to five hours per month for 199/month*
2 sites in same industry
Up to 10 hours per month for 387/month*
3 sites may share 10 hours
Additional work at $40/hour*


First site
Up to 10 hours per month for 350/month*
2 sites in same industry
Up to 20 hours per month for 650/month*
3 sites may share 20 hours
Additional work at $35/hour*


Single or multiple sites shared hours
Up to 40 hours per month for 1200/month*
Additional work at $30/hour*

*Rate is only available with monthly plan